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Modify and Override Build Settings Before a Build

This topic describes how to modify and override build settings before a build in Harness CIE.

If you want to override your Secrets in settings.xml file at Pipeline execution, perform the following steps:

Before You Begin

Step 1: Create a Secret at Account level

Make sure that you have the AccountSecretsCreate/Edit/View permission for Harness Platform. See Permission Reference for details on the list of permissions.

  1. Go to Account Settings, Account Resources, Secrets.
  2. Click Secrets.
    For details on creating a secret, see Add Text Secret.
  3. Create a new Text Secret in Harness.
    In this example, we create a new Text Secret named: settingsXML.
  4. In Secret Value, paste the XML settings content from your settings.xml file.
  5. Click Save.

Step 2: Run the Referenced Secrets

Both text and file secrets are always referenced using their Id, not their name. In this step, you create a new settings.xml file in the Harness working directory and assign the values of your Text Secret to settings.xml.

Once the settings.xml file is created in the Harness working directory, Maven can read your Secret from this file.

Option 1: Add in the Run step

In the Command, in the Run step, enter:

echo '<+secrets.getValue("account.settingsXML")>' > settings.xml

Option 2: Add in the Run Tests step

In the Run Tests step, add the command in the PreCommand section of the Run Tests step:

echo '<+secrets.getValue("account.settingsXML")>' > settings.xml

Step 3: Run Your Maven Test

You can now run your Maven test as:

mvn test -s settings.xml

If you create settings.xml file in the ~/.m2/ folder, Maven can read the secrets from the default location and you don't need to run the test with -s flag.
For example: If you use echo '<+secrets.getValue("account.settingsXML")>' >``~/.m2/settings.xml.You can now run your test as: mvn test

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