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Containers built-in scanner step reference

You can use this step to add a built-in Aqua Trivy and/or Anchor Grype step to detect vulnerabilities in your container images. Built-in steps enable you to add scans quickly and with minimal configuration. These steps use scanners that are free to STO users and are ready to run as soon as you add them to your pipeline.

  • This step is currently behind the feature flag STO_ONE_CLICK. Contact Harness Support to enable it.

  • Currently Aqua Trivy and Anchor Grype scans are available for this step.

  • If you choose to add both scanners, you might see the same vulnerability listed twice — detected once by Trivy and again by Grype — in your scan results.

  • The step detects your target and variant automatically if it's needed.

  • All other settings such as Log level and Fail on Severity are set to their defaults.

  • You don't need to add a Docker-in-Docker background service manually. The step will add this service automatically.

  • You can configure the scan steps after you add them to your pipeline, but this is optional.