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Plugin details
Created bySDA SE
TypeOpen-source plugin


Application configuration YAML

  • Under the Plugins tab in Admin, go to app-config.yaml and Edit YAML to configure your SonarQube instance in the target field.


  • Go to SonarQube, for generating a new token, Enter Token Name and choose User Token in Select Token Type.

  • Create secret in Harness to store API token, click on “New Secret Text” and enter values as shown below.

Delegate proxy

  • If SonarQube is deployed on-prem, will not be accessible from outside, so a delegate proxy has to be selected. Please ensure you have Harness Delegate installed for the same.


This plugin exports a UI card that you can show on the Overview tab of a service or any other layout page. The following configuration is set by default in Layout under Admin for Service and you do not need to change anything:

- component: EntitySonarQubeCard
md: 6


To configure the plugin for a service in the software catalog, set one of the following annotations in its catalog-info.yaml definition file.

The following configuration is recommended:

annotations: <instance-name>/<project-key>

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The plugin is owned by SDA SE and managed in the Backstage repository as an open-source project. Create a GitHub issue to report bugs or suggest new features for the plugin.