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Self-Managed Enterprise Edition

Harness Self-Managed Enterprise Edition is updated regularly in Harness SaaS. Review the notes below for details about recent changes.


The release notes below are only for Self-Managed Enterprise Edition. NextGen SaaS release notes are available here and FirstGen SaaS release notes are available here.

December 21, 2022, version 77622

New features and enhancements

This release introduces the following features and enhancements.

Feature or enhancementDescription
CDS-38870Users can copy the fqns for service and environment variables now . The service variables will be by the default name of <+serviceVariables.variableName> and environment by the name of <env.variables.variableName>
CDS-39012Terraform Backend Configuration file path in the Terraform Apply and Plan steps now supports remote file repos. Terraform Backend Configuration now can be specified in the remote file repository. For more details, go to Provision with the Terraform Apply Step. This functionality is behind feature flag TERRAFORM_REMOTE_BACKEND_CONFIG.
CDS-40390Set Helm Chart Version as Runtime Input and fetch from source on Run Pipeline. Now you can set Helm Chart Version using a Runtime Input when using HTTP Helm, AWS S3, and Google GCS stores. You can view the list of chart versions available at runtime in Run Pipeline, and select the required one.
CDS-44054Improve Azure Web App properties. Previously, if Application Settings or Connection Strings were removed from Harness Service then they wouldn’t be removed from the deployed Azure Web App. Now Harness keeps track of Harness-added settings and will remove these settings from slot configuration when they are deleted from the Harness Service configuration.
CDS-45189Support for the Command step is added Deployment Template deployment types. Now you can use the Command step in a Deployment Template pipeline. Using this step you can download/copy the artifact, copy the config files, or run scripts on the instances output by the Fetch Instances step. The Command step will always run on the Delegate, hence you need to enable the Run On Delegate option. The Command step should always be run after the the Fetch Instances step. See Use the Command step to download, copy, or run scripts.
CDS-45655Increase polling interval in executions to 20s from 5s to avoid reaching database limit
CDS-45662Fetch Instance output now available as file. Fetch instance output for Deployment Templates in NG is now available as a file instead of the environment variable. The script in your Deployment Template queries the server and receives a JSON array containing the target hosts. Previously, it saved in the environment variable $INSTANCE_OUTPUT_PATH. Now, it is saved as a file like this > $INSTANCE_OUTPUT_PATH: /opt/harness-delegate/client-tools/kubectl/v1.19.2/kubectl get pods --namespace=harness-delegate-ng -o json > $INSTANCE_OUTPUT_PATH. For more information, go to Custom deployments using Deployment Templates tutorial.
CI-5580New background step to define the service dependency. A new background step has been added to define the service dependency in CI. The previous stage settings of service dependency are now deprecated. The new background step allows for better control and configuration of services.
CI-5665AWS Code Commit. The AWS Code Commit Git connector has been deprecated. Going forward, use the generic Git connector to integrate with AWS Code Commit.
CI-5666The Custom Git Connector now supports connection via the Harness Platform, in addition to the ability to connect through the Harness Delegate. Connecting through Harness Secrets Manager is required to use the generic git connector on the Harness Cloud build infrastructure hosted by Harness.
CI-5816Test Intelligence now supports Scala and Kotlin programming languages. You can use it to optimise the Test run time in your scala/kotlin projects.
CI-6032New Subscription ID field. An Azure subscription ID is now required in the Build and Push ACR step to enable the display of artifacts uploaded by the steps on the Artifacts tab.
CI-6045Improved installation of Self-Managed Enterprise Edition using a Helm-based installation script that supports self-signed certificates.
DEL-4328The method that the log streaming task client uses to create threadpools was modified. Threadpools are now created one time in the client's lifetime instead of being created for each task the delegate receives.
FFM-3176Added validation messages to Flag pipelines to ensure you know which fields must be completed for your pipeline to run successfully.
FFM-4557When submitting an invalid YAML file for Feature Flag steps in a Pipeline, you now receive an error describing why the YAML is invalid. Previously the incorrect YAML was accepted and only showed a general error during pipeline execution.
PIE-4613Harness service variables now support dots (.). This is helpful when you have JSON/YAML files where you want to update the keys with some values. You can define variables for those keys in harness with (.) to access the keys. The expression to access a key would be: <+variables.get("example.key")>
PL-27160The option to disable Harness Secret Manager is now a part of the core settings in Account Default Settings.
PL-28597You can now import Templates from your Git repo. See Import a Template From Git.
PL-28978You can now create secrets using the Google Cloud Secret Manager in Harness. For more information, see Add a Google Cloud Secret Manager.
PL-29067SCIM defined three endpoints to facilitate discovery of SCIM service provider features and schema that MAY be retrieved using HTTP GET: Reference:
With this change, Harness supports the following new endpoints per SCIM 2.0 protocol:
/ServiceProviderConfig, Reference:
/ResourceType, Reference:
/Schemas, Reference:
PL-29896When provisioning users through SCIM, users receive two emails: one from FirstGen and the other from NextGen.
SRM-12386The user interface no longer allows you to configure invalid metric thresholds.
On the Customize Health Source tab, the following changes are made to the Advanced (Optional) configuration section:
- Under the Ignore Thresholds settings, only the Less than option is available for the Percentage Deviation criteria. The Greater than option is removed.
- Under the Fail-Fast Thresholds settings, only the Greater than option is available for the Percentage Deviation criteria. The Less than option is removed.

Issues fixed in this release

This release introduces the following fixes.

CDB-415Users previously were only able to clone Dashboards either from the "Out Of The Box" Dashboards or from folders where they had an EDIT permission assigned. Now, if the user has any folder in which they have the EDIT permission assigned, they can clone any (available) Dashboard into that folder.
CDB-434, ZD-35773Dashboard alerts and schedules will now run at the specified time in the user local time zone.
CDS-25476Approvals: JEXL expression doesn't support pipeline variables and expressions. With this ticket, pipeline expressions (<+pipeline...) as well as other common expressions are now supported for Approvals in JEXL criteria. Previously users could give expressions related to the ticket only.
CDS-41699When number of Approvers in Harness Approval are given an expression it fails with Not able to detect Int. Bug resolved by converting the values (in the format 1.0, 2.0, etc.) received from parameter framework in case of expressions to integer. If we get double values like 23.4, they are still rejected. Now, we can give expressions evaluating to integers as input to minCount field in Harness Approval.
CDS-41700Harness approval step will fail if no valid user group is provided in the input. Additionally, console logs are enhanced with a warning related to invalid user groups given as input. Finally, valid user groups found in the input is added to Harness approval details.
CDS-42609Cleanup step is not getting executed for Kerberos. Status logging is added to Cleanup step for WinRM deployments. Now the output in UI marks the step as completed properly.
CDS-43144Instance sync does not work with Jenkins artifacts when a service is updated. Previously, from the delegate task, the last successful build was fetched, but the build was not verified. The build is now verified, which resolves this issue.
CDS-43179Clear tags on AWS/Azure Infrastructure if dependent fields are changed. Cleaned tags when dependency fields have been updated.
CDS-43200, ZD-34500Pipeline variables are not being translated in HTTP step assertions and output variables. Previously, only HTTP response expressions could be used in an HTTP step assertion. Now, users can use pipeline and other expressions in assertions and use them with HTTP response expressions.
CDS-43673A drop-down selector for the image path in an ECR artifact source is not available. A drop-down selector is available now.
CDS-43675Implement dropdown for Artifact Path in Amazon S3 Artifact Source. We have made the changes to fetch S3 filePaths in the dropdown while creating the artifact source.
CDS-43863The <artifact.metadata.url> is null for the Nexus3 artifact Docker repository format. The URL was added to the metadata so it can now be accessed using <artifact.metadata.url>.
CDS-43869Made minor changes in style to infra definition section.
CDS-43874When editing a secret, the Verify Connection screen closes prematurely. This issue has been fixed.
CDS-44196The ECS Harness file store console view does not show fetch manifests. This issue has been fixed.
CDS-44495When you give incorrect region, the list bucket call fails. The message that we threw has been handled and appropriate message is thrown.
CDS-44561Reference by section while linking an account level template does not show up appropriately. References were not getting displayed for Org and Account level templates when viewed inside pipeline studio. This issue has been resolved now.
CDS-44598The UI crashes when the artifact name is null. The validation of the artifact name was missing, which allowed the user to submit the artifact without a name. This caused the null checks to fail and the UI to crash. Validations for the artifact name and an extra null check were added to prevent this issue.
CDS-44660When creating an S3 artifact, a null pointer exception indicates that both the bucket name and the file path are empty. An appropriate error now appears in this situation.
CDS-44746Docker Registry Connector fails connection test on Harbor with Delegate version 77021. We have updated the Docker Registry Connector validation check APIs. For connectivity checks for Docker connectors hosted on Harbor, we use the ping ALI and for all other Docker registries we will continue to use /v2 endpoint as per Docker Registry API specification.
CDS-44834When using multiple GitOps clusters, variables are not being populated for all of the clusters. This issue has been resolved.
CDS-44883A new artifact trigger cannot be created because an input set is required. To resolve this issue, the Git Sync condition was updated to the new URL-based parameter along with the backward-compatible condition.
CDS-44950The Nexus fields do not render when the Nexus artifact source is selected as the primary artifact. This issue has been resolved.
CDS-44970Service V2: when a user adds duplicate variables by mistake and saves the object saves but the page crashes. Null check is added to prevent page crash.
CDS-44984After this change, expected description should appear on hover of the step name or step icon.
CDS-45003The items on the Template > Step Template page are overlapping. This issue has been resolved.
CDS-45009Artifact triggers need to be updated if a change is made in the relevant repository. Corrected the polling framework for trigger updates. Updating the trigger now updates the polling info.
CDS-45010Split the OR query into 2.
CDS-45086Added scroll functionality so as to see all command types
CDS-45131Azure Connector test always passing with incorrect credentials. Fixed the test connection API call for the Azure artifacts Connector.
CDS-45156The environment name doesn't resolve if all clusters are selected in a pipeline. This issue has been resolved.
CDS-45199Earlier, the auto suggestions for expressions would not work properly if environmentGroup was selected in the pipeline. Now this is fixed and users will be able to see auto suggestions for variables in their pipelines
CDS-45259Added github in the serviceV2 with a feature flag GITHUB_PACKAGES
CDS-45262Primary Artifact reference setting wrong runtime value in Run Pipeline form
CDS-45391Service step logs had inconsistent data. It is now fixed and can be seen after the pipeline execution.
CDS-45397Intermittent failures in GitOps Merge PR step. MergePR Github API was throwing an error: "Base branch was modified. Review and try the merge again". But our API was returning the error as a key not found in JSON object. This change is to fix that and return the appropriate error to the user.
CDS-45402Jira Create issue call not working with user type fields for Jira server. Creating an issue on Jira server with user type fields was creating an error.
CDS-45433Initially we were fetching all the builds without filtering. We now support filtering via versionRegex.
CDS-45465Improved the console logs for the Harness approval step by including details of approval and rejection activity.
CDS-45471Template Library not taking Service Variables as input in the expression. With new service entity, if the manifest property was made a runtime input and its value was provided when running a pipeline in the form of an expression like <+serviceVariables.variableName>, the property would resolve to "null". However, if the manifest property was set to the same expression, directly in the service configuration, it would work as expected. This issue has been resolved now, with variable resolving in both cases.
CDS-45492<> not resolving in V2 Service and Environment. <> expression is now supported.
CDS-45677, ZD-36222Secret referencing failing in Custom Artifact Source. Secrets were not resolving in case of Service V2 because ExpressionFunctorToken was not set in Delegate request.
CDS-45741GitOps Service is not publishing the Agent pods/instances to Harness Manager. We were not passing the Agent Id while publishing the instances. After passing the Agent Id, the Harness Manager shows the Agent instances.
CDS-45764References for Account/Org templates are not deleting when the Org/Proj are deleted. This happened when an Org level template was referring to an Account level template; for example, an Org level stage template using an Account level step template. The deletion of the org results in deletion of the template but did not properly cleanup references, so the account level template would still contain the org level template as a reference. This has been fixed now.
CDS-45805, ZD-35971, ZD-36091, ZD-36592Input Sets with Infrastructure Definitions in Service and Environment V2 not working. There was a bug where input sets with Infrastructure Definition could not be saved properly because the Infrastructure Definition was removed after save. This is fixed and users can create Input Sets with Environment and Infrastructure Definition.
CDS-45819, ZD-36496Deletion of Infrastructure setup usages (referenced) when its parent environment or project is deleted.
CDS-45827Service and Environment V2 variables created inline can't be referenced without a page refresh. Fixed by refetching variables API call on inline edit of Service, Infrastructure, and Environments in pipeline studio.
CDS-45828, ZD-36339The Jenkins Step's Treat unstable Job status as success is not behaving as expected. We were not honoring Treat unstable Job status as success. We have corrected the behavior and the fix is available with the latest Delegate.
CDS-46047No option is available to add namespace in Infrastructure Definition on Input Set. The Environment and Infrastructure inputs only supported Fixed Value type in the form. There was no support for Expression or Runtime Input support. This functionality has now been added.
CDS-46135Creating step template out of ECS Blue Green Create Service step crashes the page. This issue is resolved and now you can create a step template out of the ECS Blue Green Create Service step. You will be asked to provide field values manually because, when creating the step template, stage data and infrastructure data is not present.
CDS-46185, ZD-36476Infrastructure section step no longer shows detailed output in console logs. Part of the logs of the infrastructure step were not visible on the UI for certain types of infrastructures including Kubernetes. The issue has been resolved now and logs are visible.
CDS-46190Inconsistent checkmark icon styling in the Pipeline studio. Changed the icon of execution to simple tick if step is completed for custom stage and approval stage.
CDS-46281Improved Jenkins artifact log message in service step
CDS-46322Custom Artifact is not listing the version when trying to run a pipeline. We now list the versions to select from a dropdown for Services using a Custom Artifact Source in the pipeline deployment form.
CDS-46324In a Service v2 pipeline, when clicking Rerun for a failed execution, we are not remembering the artifact selection of the previous run.
CDS-46388The section was zoomed in while toggling to the grid view due to container width overflowing the screen introducing a horizontal scroll, and making buttons hide alongside the scroll. The issue has been resolved by limiting the container width and letting cards be wrapped around.
CDS-46440Cannot start pipeline when Service Primary Artifact is set to be selected during runtime as a Runtime Input. Fixed the issue when running deployment pipelines with Primary Artifact source as Fixed Value and not containing any Runtime Inputs. Pipeline can now be started.
CDS-46451Scrollbar isn't working when Service variable list exceeds 10. User can now scroll the variable list menu to see all the newly added variables. You can also search the variable from the search box above the menu list.
CDS-46460Usung cluster Id if name doesn't exist in GitOps Environments list. Fixed Cluster setting in GitOps Environments list to use name instead of cluster ID.
CDS-46473Allowed values with value true or false was not being rendered in the drop-downs. Users can now utilize true/false boolean values as string variables while adding stage/pipeline variables.
CDS-46585Multi Service Deployment is failing with manifest not found error. Now manifests are found and we are be able to deploy with deployment freeze enabled.
CI-5622Intermittent issue in which a hosted build cannot fetch a code repo due to an internal exception. This issue has been fixed.
CI-5693Improved the validation error message that appears when a user tries to include an unsupported character in a step name.
CI-5727, ZD-37429Fixed an issue where images push to Azure Container Registry (ACR) did not appear on the artifacts tab of builds.
CI-5869Unable to run the Google Cloud Function Drone plugin. The issue occurs because unexpected _uuid elements were being added to the settings. To resolve this issue, the _uuid attribute was removed from the nested setting attribute in the CI plugin step type.
CI-5872A file artifact URL does not show for artifact type File.
CI-5879Empty trigger data for non-CI pipelines does not show a message. A static message now appears for CD manual executions.
CI-5960When creating a connector for an API authentication Personal Access Token, the All tab does not display. This issue has been fixed.
CI-5961Windows PowerShell commands do not start on a new line. Commands now start on a new line.
CI-5974Retrying a failed pipeline crashes for PR codebase type. This issue has been fixed.
DEL-5096The display of detail information for immutable delegates version 76300 and earlier was changed to indicate that autoUpgrade is OFF. These delegate versions do not include the autoUpgrade feature.
FFM-4581Added a warning that Flag Variation names cannot contain only numerical characters. 
FFM-4740On the Harness Platform, any Get Started with Feature Flag buttons will now take you directly to the first stage of the Get Started flow, instead of the Overview page.
FFM-4844Fixed a bug that was causing some failure strategies not to show on Feature Flag Pipeline stages.
FFM-5203Fixed issue whereby inaccurate FF setup instructions could be displayed.
FFM-5336The action buttons in the Flag Creation wizard were half pushed out of viewThe set height on the element that caused this has been removed.
PIE-4428When clicking outside the step settings, there is no option to apply changes or cancel. This issue has now been fixed.
PIE-5117Selecting an event as Merge Request, the default selection for Build Type is not correct for GitLab webhook triggers. This has now been fixed by changing the default selection for Build Type to Git Pull Request for the Merge Request event.
PIE-5708The Save as New Input Set settings does not close after you save the details. This issue occurs when you run a pipeline that requires runtime input sets. This has now been fixed and the Save as New Input Set settings close after you save the details.
PIE-5712The conditional skip option in the Pipeline Studio was not displayed consistently across various browsers. This is fixed.
PIE-5737, ZD-35537In Pipeline Triggers, deleting variables from the YAML caused inconsistent behavior. This has now been fixed to enable the deletion of variables from the YAML by fetching the base values from the templates.
PIE-5872The Infrastructure field was not getting updated when we are setting Env as runtime. This is happening because here, infrastructure values are not getting changed/emptied when we make Env runtime. Now we have corrected this behavior and we are getting infra values getting updated accordingly as soon as we change the Env field.
PIE-5879, ZD-35813In a Pipeline with input sets, the specified delegates were ignored while merging the input sets. This has now been fixed to pick the delegates corresponding to the delegate selectors.
PIE-5998The Run pipeline YAML with Kubernetes Apply step was incorrect when the input set data was undefined. This has now been fixed to pick the input set data from the parent component. Also, all fields path are now updated at runtime.
PIE-6017In the Pipelines, when the commit message was left blank, the Pipeline Execution History threw an exception. This has now been fixed so that the Pipeline Execution History displays execution details.
PIE-6084, ZD-37220When running the pipeline, the primary artifact source is not auto-selected and tags and buckets are not fetched. This issue has now been fixed.
PIE-6134Re-run Pipeline is not working as expected. This issue has now been fixed by checking if the values of the variables are missing from the variables map.
PIE-6151The frequency of polling to fetch the pipeline execution list is 20 seconds. Such a long polling interval means that the data fetched by one poll goes stale before the next poll.  This has now been fixed by increasing the polling frequency to every 5 seconds.
PIE-6155, ZD-36720Service V2 does not resolve the infrastructure definition parameters passed from the triggers. When a trigger invokes a pipeline, the YAML definition of the trigger and the corresponding pipeline with runtime inputs are merged. In YAML files with a single node element, the infrastructure definition is not processed on the triggers and is not passed as a runtime value. This has now been fixed. The YAML processing on triggers now takes care of processing the single node elements and propagates the value to the respective pipeline.
PIE-6264Clicking Run in pipeline studio navigates to the input sets section in Run Pipeline window. This happens even when you have no runtime inputs for a Pipeline. This has now been fixed. If a pipeline does not need any runtime inputs, clicking on Run starts the pipeline execution.

October 31, 2022, version 77117

New features and enhancements

This release introduces the following features and enhancements.


You can now optionally configure Rolling, Rolling Rollback, and BlueGreen deployments. This option can be implemented in YAML.


You can now use an ECS Run Task step from an ECS swimlane.


The UI was changed to support the selection of build tools based on Scala and Kotlin. The selection of Kotlin allows the use of maven, gradle and bazel build tools. The selection of Scala allows maven, gradle, bazel and sbt.


Added a Docker infrastructure option to CI . The functionality is hidden behind a feature flag.


The Infrastructure tab in Build steps has been updated to show only supported options when a Hosted build infrastructure is selected.


Changed the UI to support the option for Harness Delegate to run as root. By default, the runAsRoot option is set to true.


The functionality of the delegate auto-upgrade components was enhanced. On installation, the AutoUpgrade feature displays a status message of Synchronizing. If the component does not receive an API call from the upgrader within 90 minutes, the status message changes to OFF. This affects delegates that are installed with upgrader components.

For more information about delegate auto-upgrade, see Delegate Auto-Update.


The RGB colors that are used in the console were updated to conform with accessibility standards. The specifications for orange, yellow and red were changed for contrast and readability.


You can now use a read-only vault as your default Secrets Manager. This applies to Hashicorp Vault.


Support was added to allow pre-existing secrets in Vault to be referenced with an expression that contains a fully qualified path. For example:

<scope_of_secret_manager_connector>.hashicorpvault://<secret_manager_connector_identifier>/path/to/secret#keye.g.: org.hashicorpvault://myVault/harness/testpath/test#key


Feature flag NG_TEMPLATE_GITX_ACCOUNT_ORG was removed to decrease complexity. This means that the functionality used to create templates on gitx primarily depends on the NG_TEMPLATE_GITX feature flag.

Fixed issues

This release introduces the following fixes.


Resolved a feature flag issue that interfered with the behavior of certain dashboard that were incorrectly hidden or displayed.


Improving the error message that is shown when imagepath is a null value.

CDS-46662 T

he API ( ) did not provide details of Json Processing errors. ()Also with incorrect value of Harness Approval Action (!ct=application/json&path=action&t=request ) appropriate details were not showing . This has been because of inappropriate error handling for enum and also error details not bubbling up correctly for JsonProcessingException.This issue has been resolved. The error details are shown up correctly


Updated the UI to hide the count of template input values.

CDS-43091, ZD-34422

The template list screen did not display the account level templates created inline when git experience is enabled.There was a criteria in the query which was filtering out inline templates.This issue has been resolved. The template list screen now displays the account level templates created inline when git experience is enabled.

CDS-43350, ZD-34558

The old connector’s delegate selector has a delegate that is no longer available. Hence it would never delete the old instances.Once the connector is deleted, we have written a migration to cleanup all instances of deleted connectors. This would cleanup instances for old connector and prevent it from looking for running instances (as it still points to same cluster/namespace)

CDS-43430, ZD-34745

Clarified the error message that is sent when delegate execution halts unexpectedly.


Corrected an issue that interfered with the update of the secrets variable in the shell script. it was not added in the map of variables so i added it in the map to generate autosuggestion


Expression to get the connector name is available now. Please use "<>" in the pipeline


To support backward compatibility for Nexus docker yaml, we didn't remove the older field "artifactPath" but didn't marked the field as not mandatory which was root cause of the issue.Removing the annotation NotNull from field resolved the issue.


Fixed an issue with theGET approvals/{approvalID} API not updating Window spec details. This occurred because wrapper classes that return the persistent entity were omitted.


Added some extra checks to insure custom deployment event listener does not affect the updation other than templates.


Changed code to add validation for an empty string. This fixed a null pointer exception that occurred on creation of a delegate task. Before empty string validation was added, the validation was checked for a null script for purposes of backward compatibility.


Fixed the display of PDC connection details. Host information was difficult to read.


Fixed the inconsistent layout of WinRM credentials.


Added APIs for repository and artifact path information.


Added a button to clear the status field.


Changed code to check for support for an earlier spec version.


Changed code to obtain the default value from the service manifest. This corrected an issue that occurred based on a default value that was an empty string.


Released the NG_CUSTOM_REMOTE_MANIFEST feature flag.

CDS-44066, ZD-34808

Added a fix to add or update template variables from variable panels.


After this change, we will stop making bucket list API call, if region or connectorRef are runtime inputs


Changed code to forbid bucketName being an empty string.


Fixed the NPE. If bucketName or filePath/Regex is null or empty, the pipeline will throw appropriate exception.


Added additional criteria to return files with undefined file usage


Added support for an "infrastructure" key in the pipeline YAML expansion for OPA policies. This affects new services and environments that the pipeline references.


This issue was happening in edit flow as "EventConditions" were getting added to "Pipeline" artifact and manifest data.This issue has been resolved. The edit flow of "Artifact" and "Manifest" in triggers now works as expected.


Earlier <> and similar service expressions were not resolved when fetching tags for artifact.This is now fixed


Rolled back the changes related to the recaster alias to avoid the creation of a hard dependency between services.


Added support for Service V2


Fetched task definition instead of service definition for the harness file storeSingle line change fix


The link updated the component only on permission change whereas it should have updated on account, org, project change as wellThis happened because of the dependencies for the link not updating. This has been resolved now


Resolved an issue with a type mismatch that occurred during pipeline execution in CI Manager. The expected type was OSType; the type received was String.


ZD-33652 Fixed an issue in which tags for a Build and Push Artifact step would resolve to NULL because the tag string had a dash (-) rather than an underscore (_).

CI-5411, ZD-33910, ZD-34304, ZD-34547, ZD-35359

Fixed an issue where the PR build status was not consistently updated in GitHub.


Fixed the UI by changing the width of the Repository Name field in the Build Stage setup wizard.


Run as user, Privileged, Resource Limits do not show for Service Dependency when Cloud or AWS VMs infra


Earlier we added the Actor UUID in Sender for PR Comment webhook event for Bitbucket. We're extending this info in the other webhooks events as well. Now that the UUID is added, CI Manager can make use of this.


Fixed an issue that could cause CI builds to stall if the build process could not access the binary /usr/local/bin/split_tests.


Reverted a previous code change to ensure that a build on a VM infrastructures deletes the VM if the build gets aborted


Fixed losing onFocus in setting env variables in input set page


Fixed an issue where artifacts would not get listed in the Artifacts tab


Corrected a problem that caused the incorrect rendering of the repository name width when used as a runtime input.


Introduced a new way for the Docker delegate to provide a proxy configuration.


Fixed the UI to make use of correct API.


Extra navigation configuration added to links to FF module.


Fixed the parallel nodes data construct in case of looping strategies for stages and updated the UI for looping strategy nodes to a more readable format.


Previously, step connectors/lines were not rendered for the currently running parallel steps.This issue has been resolved. Now the left connectors/lines will render for the currently running parallel steps and both (left and right) connectors/lines will render when parallel steps are no longer in progress and when there's a node next to them.


Fixed an issue with race conditions developing when template and formik paths were not in sync.


Added edit functionality for a barrier name in the pipeline's flow control section

PL-26764, ZD-32596

We will not store any dummy secret from now on in case of vault approle if feature flag DO_NOT_RENEW_APPROLE_TOKEN is enabled.

PL-27364, ZD-35444

While update/editing a resource group on its details page; the resource scope dropdown at time would reset back to previously selected scope when it'd be changed from Account Only to All and vice versa. It'd usually take two attempts to get it right.With this change, this bug has been fixed and resource scope dropdown works as user expect it while making selection.


PPT for readOnly vaults will return success without trying to create a dummy secret in remote vault

PL-27587, ZD-33846

Updated the exceptions for account/org/project name fetch APIs.


Previously when switching the auth mechanism from LDAP to username/password, the confirmation modal would show the wrong type of current auth mechanism as SAML. It is fixed now to show the correct auth mechanism type.

PL-28208, ZD-34454

SMTP config of NG and CG is now independent of each other.

PL-28403, ZD-34883, ZD-35135

The hard delete for environment was not working as expected as it was still getting soft deleted and recreation of entity was failing which has now been fixed.


Fixed File URL in git experience when user uses account level Bitbucket server connector to manage files on git.


NgEncrypted Record data for the corresponding secrets will also be deleted from now on.


Add a check to ensure that If authMechanism=UsernamePassword,that takes precedence on FF PL_NO_EMAIL_FOR_SAML_ACCOUNT_INVITES=ON.

October 7, 2022, version 76918

New features and enhancements

This release introduces the following features and enhancements.


Audit Trails support for service override and Infra Def.


You can now migrate GCP connector from CG to NG.


We have added the functionality to retain fixed values provided for template inputs when a new version of the template is linked


After this change, user can use ECS Blue Green related steps while working with ECS swim-lane.


Earlier deployments having InfrastructureIdentifier as null were not considered for getActiveServiceDeployments API.

Now Deployment with Infrastructure Identifier as null will appear if there is no other deployment using same Environment having not null Infrastructure details.


Users/Customers now have an option of ignoring failures in helm history command o/p and continue with installing/upgrading.


The method that the log streaming task client uses to create threadpools was modified. Threadpools are now created one time in the client's lifetime instead of being created for each task the Delegate receives.


The versioning scheme for the Immutable Delegate was changed from 1.0.<build_number> to year.month.<buildNumber>.


Expiration was added for Immutable Delegate images. These images will now expire after three months.


Add ability to see unsaved changes as a diff by clicking on "unsaved changes" text in pipeline studio


We are removing following Role Bindings directly assigned to user when adding to any scope for accounts having ACCOUNT_BASIC_ROLE turned ON.

At Account Scope, Account Basic/Account Viewer -All Account Resources.

At Organization scope, Organization Viewer - All Organization Resources.

At Project Scope, Project Viewer - All Project Resources.


The Feature Flag: GIT_SYNC_PROJECT_CLEANUP has been removed, without this FF, upon deletion of git sync project, all the git entities will be deleted.


When NG LDAP authorization is 'disabled', all LDAP SSO linked Harness User Group will not be synced in NG. They will be synced with users from LDAP when the LDAP settings have authorization enabled.


As part of this story we have changed the label for the audits for NG Auth Settings from Login Settings to Authentication Settings, for better visibility for the customer.


he migration will run to remove following Role Bindings directly assigned to users for accounts having ACCOUNT_BASIC_ROLE turned ON.

At Account Scope, Account Basic/Account Viewer -All Account Resources.

At Organization scope, Organization Viewer - All Organization Resources.

At Project Scope, Project Viewer - All Project Resources.

Fixed issues

This release introduces the following fixes.


Applied fix for dashboards that fail to load.


Updated the provisioner ID to conform to other steps.

CDS-40897 A

dded serviceHeader API refresh on save and update activity.


Changed UI label text and made cosmetic changes to the layout of CD edit screens.

CDS-41492 A

dded caching to the API call to list repositories in Artifactory.

CDS-41532, ZD-3324

The issueType in approval was always optional and was only needed to bring the dropdown values in UI. It was not stored in YAML and was not validated it. Because this can be confusing for customers, we changed the behavior. Now we store it as part of YAML and validate the issue type provided by customers.

Please note issueType is still an optional field and older approvals without it will continue to work as it is.


Added runtime and studio formik validation.


Test connection issue with custom port.


Fixed a problem that disabled a Copy button for ServiceV2 and the copying of a path from the serviceV1 variable when disabled.


Added artifact details i.e. artifact path and tag/version on hover of the existing artifact versions.


Multiple small fixes made for AWS and testing as part of an AWS code review.


Error thrown if matrix or parallelism strategy used for for command step or step group which has a command step.


Uploading PDC connectorJSON issue fix.

CDS-42410, ZD-33295

For the capability check for the Docker registry connector, we use endpoint /v2 endpoint to validate.

Per the Docker documentations, /v2 is the only endpoint to validate the accessibility for Docker registry version 2.

To handle the scenario we are appending /v2 to connector URL if it doesn't exist.


YAML path for templates was not handled.


Unselecting infra as a runtime wasn't handled when infra have runtime inputs


Fixed an issue that prevented a selected secret from showing in the WinRM connector edit flow.


Fixed an issue that prevented iteration through all the configuration files during the step in which the configuration is copied.


Any change in step group in rollback view was not persisting and UI was not saving those changes to the BE.

After the fix, step group in rollback view should work as expected.


Added additional execution logs.


Improved execution logs and exception handling.


In the past month, we noted the entitySetupUsages redis topic being accumulated and consumers unable to consume references at the rate of production.

On debugging we found that on each execution related to a service step, we were producing unnecessary setup usages. This was causing redis stream to accumulate.

We fixed this by not producing setup usages on service step execution.

CDS-42790, ZD-34237

Fixed a scoping problem that resulted from the incorrect mapping of NextGen clusters to gitops clusters.


Tested the PDC hosts error message.


Added regions API.


AWS tags component implementation.


Copy command for Jenkins artifact had issues with Kerberos authentication. This is now resolved.


Added new capability check which includes credentials when making connection with WinRM machine.


Fixed NPE for Kerberos no TGT.


ZD-34448, ZD-34525

The user was unable to create a template when the scope was ORG/ACCOUNT. This was happening because an incorrect validation function was preventing the form from submitting. This issue was fixed by conditionally running that validation.


This fix Improves error messaging and provides information when a shell script executing on a remote host encounters FileNotFoundException.


Fixed an issue that prevented the proper behavior of the version dropdown in the template selector.


Connector ref visible in artifact summary.


Services in the older pipeline were being identified as new services if they were being propagated. This was fixed by correctly identifying the older services.


Fixed a problem that caused the option to select other file types besides secrets when username/sshKey is selected.


Delete Resource step is getting failed even the resource is present, fixed that by reverting the changes


We were not adding the metadata to artifact outcome and few customer use <+artifact.url> for deployment.To address the issue, we have added the URL to outcome and can be fetch using <+artifact.metadata.url> .


hostConnectionType added to Azure/AWS infrastructure.


Upon clicking Save button, we did not see the loading icon for INLINE templates.It was happening due to the new git flow, since a check for determining whether the template was INLINE/REMOTE/OLD_GIT_SYNC was obsolete. Updated the condition for the scenario.Now the user is able to see the Loading icon



Users/Customers now have an option of ignoring failures in helm history command o/p and continue with installing/upgrading.


Small bugs found in testing.


The validation for name did not prevent submit as the validation promise resolved instead of rejecting. This has been temporarily fixed by handling this resolution in case of the name id form, thereby resolving the issue.


We had a 10kB limit on exported environment variable length in case of execute on host kind of shell scripts. We have now increased the limit to 200kB.


Fixed a UI issue to ensure that a hint appears in a Git Clone step if there is a connectivity issue with the Delegate.



Fixed an issue in the Run Tests step that could cause a manual build to fail if a Git branch was not specified.


Improved the error message that appears when a connection test fails because an account-level resource is trying to use a project-level secret.


Fixed a back-end pipeline issue in which the namespace field that was undefined in an infrastructure definition might be undetected and result in a Null Pointer Exception.


Added logic to prevent a Null Pointer Exception if a user adds a AWS_ACCESS_KEY_ID variable with no value to a pipeline.


Improved handling of GitHub registration requests and responses, which prevents trigger webhook creation failures in hosted build infrastructures.



Fixed an issue in which tags for a Build and Push Artifact step would resolve to NULL because the tag string had a dash (-) rather than an underscore (_).


Added a validation to ensure that a user provides a repo name when setting up a trigger with an account-level Git connector. Without this validation, the UI would allow users to click Save without a repo name but the trigger would not get created.


Changed the “exit x” button that appears when creating a connector to make it more visible.


Added a force-kill flag to ensure that CI pods are deleted during a build cleanup. This ensures that pods get cleaned up even if they are in an Unknown or Not-Ready state.


ZD-33910, ZD-34304, ZD-34547, ZD-35359

Added execution capability in CI send status task.


Added UI validation to ensure the Limit Memory and Limit CPU fields have the required formats. Previously, incorrect values for these fields were flagged during a build, which would cause the build to fail.


We have now start consuming date from webhook data for gitlab.


Git clone will be done using branch refs rather than pull-request refs.



Added back-end validation to ensure that a user cannot create a Bitbucket connector with different usernames for standard and API Authentication access.


During save/update of CI steps, strategy section of the step yaml was getting removed, hence it was not rendering it on the UI.


Fixed an issue in which CRUD events were not getting processed and acknowledged.


Fixed a UI issue when adding a new build stage to a new pipeline: when the user enters a name in the Repository Name field, the UI should show the repo URL getting generated under the field.


Updated UI after feedback.



if a user runs set -e in init script it can change the behavior of harness script steps. This change resets the behavior change.


When users are making a patch request to add/remove Targets to a Target Group or add/remove a rule within Target Groups, they will now see a user-friendly version of that log within the Activity tab.


When we click on “Run” button in pipeline studio, if the pipeline has runtime inputs, we have the option to create an input set on the fly while running the pipeline. Currently, a user can save the input set into a separate branch from the pipeline. This creates a bad UX in that while running the pipeline, if input set is in a different branch, it’ll fail.- To resolve this issue, we have decided to disable “Commit to a new branch” for input sets.Note: This is only from the “Run Pipeline” dialog and not the “Input Sets” tab at the header. From there, user can commit in any branch they like.



Loading of parallel stages and expanding/collapsing of parallel stages gets triggered on zoom actions and drag events, enabling to load all the parallel steps without moving execution pane.


The pipeline variables were being added to the runtime variables and were having their value reset. This has been fixed by filtering out the fixed pipeline variables.



Updated the documentation links for looping strategies.



Observer disabled for stepsGraph.


Git management tab was not coming for FF module.This was because it was using another project level flag and in the recent template gitx parity, we had replaced all the project level flags.The issue has been resolved by using the previous flag and the tab is now visible in the FF module.


Restricted visible "SELECTIVE STAGE EXECUTION" names to 3 currently rest will be shown in a popover.


The error experience should never have been there in the first place. Ideally, after successful clone, the new pipeline should have been opened. This has been fixed and we show the newly cloned pipeline from now on.


Added Cancel button to Create Via Yaml Builder page in Connectors.



Added a check on whether the user is part of the NG user list.


Code fix.


Changed the handling of soft-deleted vaults; they are no longer subject to renewal.

September 15, 2022, version 76620

New Features and Enhancements

This release introduces the following features and enhancements.


Serverless Expression Change for Sidecars (CDS-40812). For information on serverless, see Serverless Tutorial.

You can select multiple artifacts for serverless. Previously, you could only select a single artifact for a sidecar.


Changes were made to require the specification of a connector and namespace when creating a Kubernetes service and environment. Valid entries are now required before the configuration can be saved.


Azure Connector, ACR Artifact and Microsoft Azure Infrastructure are now enabled by default. The functionality no longer requires you to enable the NG_AZURE feature flag.


Added support to save a pipeline by using Git clone functionality.


You can now use a hosted delegate for Docker, Artifactory, AWS, GCP, and Azure connectors.


Made changes to support connection tests via Harness Manager for cloud platforms including AWS, GCP, and Azure. By default, theexecuteOnDelegate value is set to true for existing connectors and will remain backward compatible.


Added version and expiration for Immutable Delegate at Delegate and group level.


Changes were made to add sort capabilities to certain table columns in Pipeline view.


Support was added for a Custom Secret Manager behind the feature flag CUSTOM_SECRET_MANAGER_NG. This feature enables users to onboard any secret manager with Harness and reference their secrets in Harness using APIs in a shell script.


Support was added for Simplified Git Experience behind the feature flag: GIT_SIMPLIFICATION.


We have added support for Simplified Git Experience behind the feature flag: GIT_SIMPLIFICATION.



Fixed issues


Updated to ignore the leading slash in application manifests.


ZD-30391, ZD-31418

Changes were made to ensure that instances are deleted with their environment.


Fixed a problem that led to successful executions appearing with IGNOREFAILED status in Harness Manager.


Added artifact_path to the response of getActiveServiceDeployments and getActiveServiceInstances API.



Once the delegate task completes we are explicitly pushing all logs to be captured as they were earlier being pushed in a fixed interval. We have added a small delay on our end before we close the log stream to provide enough time for the delegate to push all the relevant logs from Delegate.


Support was added to accept Jenkins job parameters as run-time values and allow JobName to be set to an empty string. This resolves an issue with failures of pipelines for which no job name was specified.


Updated GIT SYNC DISABLED tests to display the status messages that are returned by the pipelineSave API.


Added aborted and expired counts to the pipelineExecution API. These had been included in failure counts.



Changes were made to ensure that templates for which references exist cannot be deleted.



Modified the handling of date-time information to calculate the data in UTC. Earlier there was a mismatch between the epoch value sent from BE, which pointed to the start of the day in UTC, and the date as calculated in the user time zone.


Fix merged to develop. Will be available in QA post next deployment.This was happening because UI was returning null, if no services were present.


Mouse-up on left side of clone pipeline popup edit box closes window and puts you in edit.


Added support to specify an artifact directory as a dot (".").



Behavior was changed to store and validate the issueType field in YAML. The issueType field remains optional, however; older approvals that lack the field will continue to work in the same manner.


Updated the observer for resizing to group node to be triggered on scale change as well, letting the nodes be collapsed on zoom actions.


Made a change to allow the template step to be displayed in full width on the screen.


Fixed UI issues affecting field errors including (1) the misalignment of text box and delete icon, (2) column titles, and (3) field error text.


Corrected YAML snippets generated for rolling and canary builds during pipeline creation. These snippets now include the maxConcurrency field with the value set to 1.


Made the customize YAML path optional.


A change was made to the Terraform Apply operation to use the commitID instead of the branch when the commitID is inherited from a Terraform Plan step.


Added module filter for Help panels. This makes panels that have the 'cd' module for stages visible.


Changed behavior to gracefully handle the case in which an active service that is eligible for license usage calculation was recently deleted.


Added support for "IN" and 'Not IN" options providing approval and rejection criteria for snow and Jira steps. This issue was fixed in development.


Added conditional rendering of preview host button based on the required input field. This works in and out of run time.


Corrected the full-width rendering of the steps in templates on the screen.


Changed the validation process used for the PDC connector connectivity. The earlier process used the default port 22 and did not work for WinRM.


Resolved a problem that occurred because there was no check for a null value.


Infrastructure mapping is made unique per account, organization, and project.


Fixed an issue with invalid YAML structure in the runtime flow.


Coding issue, exception handling now done properly.


Support has been added to restrict lengthy label text and show it on hover.


Allowed skipped test with error messages to be clickable.


ZD-33624, ZD-34370

Corrected an issue with a null pointer that occurred when a shell script was executed on a remote host using username and password. The issue was specific to this authentication type.


Made a change to ensure the proper YAML is visible; when selecting on the Delegate, the executionTarget field should not be present.


Modified looping behavior to prevent changes from the default selected Repeat strategy to any other looping strategy.



A change was made to remove the requirement for Orgidentifier and Projectidentifier in the API. For the Account template, the project and organization identifiers are not provided. .This change eliminates a validation error.


Added handling for combined parallel and series stages for EXPORT_TF_PLAN_JSON_NG.


NPE was seen in UI when looping strategy input is invalid. This is now handled on the BE side and is previewed as an error with an explanation.


Added a run-time check on tooltips.


Terraform Var File File Path inputs did not allow selecting the content of the input field and instead started dragging the input field upon trying to select the content. The content could be selected only by double clicking on it.The issue has been resolved and content of the input field can be selected without causing the element to start dragging upon selecting the content of the input field.


This was not a genuine exception. We use this exception to decide whether to delete an entity or not. Updated it to a warning log.


This was a problem with the spring-data-mongodb:2.2.7.RELEASE library being used. When creating query with multiple ‘and’ operators, it interprets the constructed as invalid.


Updated the function to handle nested stepGroup data parsing recursively to render the graph.


We did not support expressions for environment and infrastructure at project level. This has now been removed from org and account as well.


Copy Artifact command unit assumed that artifact is copied into the same folder as the folder of the artifact from the Artifactory, keeping the folder structure from the Artifactory. This lead to error in case no such folder is created in advance on the target. Now, this is not the case any more, the file is copied into the folder specified by target directory.


Changed behavior to ensure the Tags API call is made if imagePath is an expression. This means that every time the value of the expression changes, new tags are fetched based on the value in the run pipeline form.


Clarified an error message received by the validateHosts method.



For the Capability check for docker registry connector, we use endpoint /v2 endpoint to validate.As per the Docker documentation, /v2 is the only endpoint to validate the accessibility for Docker registry version 2.To handle the scenario we are appending /v2 to connector URL if it doesn't exist.


ZD-33839, ZD-33986

Changed code to fix a null pointer exception that occurred when a pipeline was run.


Logging command units request by pipeline service and response from delegate is now improved.


Fixed an issue that exposed WinRM credentials in YAML.


Added a check which checks for old git sync and if old gitsync is enabled git details will be shown on the pipeline list. This is completely a new change and doesn’t affect any existing flows


Added validation to ensure that the Bitbucket Account URL has the correct syntax when setting up a connector.


Fixed an issue that could result in an NPE when fetching trigger status and updating webhook registration status when processing older triggers.


Made a change to allow Clone Codebase Depth to accept a value of 0.


Fixed an issue Restore from GCS didn't work if a step was in a step group.


Fixed an issue where some users did not see existing Git connectors when setting up a pipeline in a hosted build infrastructure.



Changed behavior to initiate PR triggers in the correct conditions.


Fixed the Overview page refresh rate to ensure that the page fully loads with each refresh.


Added the feature flag CI_TI_DASHBOARDS_ENABLED back after it was deleted previously.


The resource constraint endpoint returns an empty response when the pipeline service throws an exception. Now the case is handled and the response is returned as expected.


Fixed issue with Help panel width for git connectors.



Fixed eventing for BitBucket push webhooks.


Loading indicator is not shown when filters are applied. This is fixed.


Changed a label from "Save as Input Set" to "Save as New Input Set" to indicate the correct behavior.


Corrected a problem that affected the function of the discard button.


Corrected a problem that caused some Pipeline values to be discarded on error.


Corrected a problem that caused the Add Stage/Step button to be hidden for read-only permissions.


Multiple error toasts occurred when there was network failure because the error toast condition was at the component level, hence getting re-rendered every time. Moved it to an useEffect instead


Corrected a layout problem that caused the Edit YAML button to overlap with the Invalid tag when viewing pipeline YAML.

PL-26169 Issue was with common component which displays name, desc,tags used across many places in UI, this component was getting the edited data when pressed back button, to correct this did a code fix to supply the newly edited data when a back button is pressed.

PL-26288 Changed the behavior used to assign account admin to a project to implicitly assign view permissions based on the scope when a resource group selects any resource inside that scope.

PL-26457, ZD-32444 Support was added to allow Scim group names to contain the hyphen ("-." ) character.

PL-27086 Fixed a typographical error in the labeling of the ABAC for Environment resource type. The label was corrected from "Non-Production" to "Pre-Production".

PL-27363 Fixed the formatting used to display an error message.

PL-27383 Fixed vault connector creation in the presence of namespaces.

PL-27395 Fixed the mongo update method call used to create lastUpdatedTemplate.

September 6, 2022

What's New

You can now install and maintain Continuous Delivery, Continuous Integration and Security Testing Orchestration using Helm package manager in a self-managed environment.

For more information, see Install Self-Managed Enterprise Edition Using Helm.

August 31, 2022, minor release 76324

Delegate version 76324

New Features and Enhancements

This release introduces the following features and enhancements.

CCM-7649 Harness API now includes a REST method you can use to list the BI dashboards specific to CCM.

CDS-39449 A feature was added for deployments of type ServerlessAwsLambda to allow the addition of Amazon S3 as a primary artifact or a sidecar. You can also add both as Amazon S3 artifacts. (CDS-39449)

CDS-40651 Entry of the Kustomize YAML Folder path that is used to fetch the Kustomize manifest has been simplified. Enable the NG_OPTIMIZE_FETCH_FILES_KUSTOMIZE feature flag to reveal a checkbox (Optimized Kustomize Manifest Collection) in the Advanced section of Manifest details. Select the checkbox to render the input required for the Kustomize YAML Folder path.

CDS-41025 There were changes to the YAML specified in the Kustomize application manifest for the Harness file store. These include the following:

The base path must be configured inside the store element, as follows:

Example store

type: Harness

The relative Kustomization YAML path must be configured as part of the spec:

Example spec

kustomizeYamlFolderPath: multipleEnv/environments/production

PL-21667 Accounts list with greater speed during transitions from one to another.

Fixed issues

  • The RDS inventory dashboards did not reflect the updated DBInstanceClass when RDS instance class was updated. The RDS Inventory dashboard now displays the updated instance-class as expected. A data discrepancy that occurred because of an error in the join condition of the looker query was fixed. (CCM-8484, ZD-33142)

  • The Perspective Preview section was changed to ensure that the correct table is queried. A check was added, on whether it's a cluster perspective, before the query is issued. (CCM-8484)

  • Code was changed to add a check for a null value when converting conditions values to filter values. This resolves an issue in which 'label.key IN {""]' -> Empty Array is set to null. (CCM-8558)

  • The Select Manifest modal now has the same width when moving from Select a Manifest Reference to Configure Manifest Runtime Inputs. (CDS-37913)

  • Fixed the start and end time for Approval steps. (CDS-38899)

  • Added scope information to allow for the comparison of the YAML in an updated template. (CDS-38936)

  • Fixed step iteration logic for update/save step based on Steps/RollbackSteps state allowing same identifiers. (CDS-39753)

  • Infrastructure was not getting updated on change of environment. This was because the environment value was not discarded and dependencies were not updated. (CDS-39946)

  • Added validation to run-time input when executing a pipeline. (CDS-40040)

  • Earlier different versions of template were allowed to be on different template types and child types. For example, t1, v1 template could be a stage template while t1, v2 could be a step template. This scenario should no longer occur. (CDS-40077)

  • Corrected the deployment type for the Apply step values.yaml file. (CDS-40140)

  • Fixed the incorrect specification of a variable name. Changed the type for "Canary Deployment." (CDS-40177)

  • Infrastructure as runtime was not being honored when the environment was runtime (CDS-401188)

  • Fixed a path error that affected the workload field in the Scale step. (CDS-40198)

  • Improved the user experience for long cluster names. (CDS-40393)

  • Resolved a problem with missing environment group access permissions. There was an RBAC issue that did not allow users to execute a pipeline with environment groups. (CDS-40440)

  • Modified error messages to provide better information in cases where an artifact cannot be selected in the trigger creation screen. (CDS-40499)

  • Removed an old condition in the code for Execution tab check because this is being checked by !serviceDefinition check and no longer prevents pipeline templates strategies. (CDS-40559)

  • The default deployment type for Azure Web Apps has been set to canary. (CDS-40560)

  • Set the pipeline executionId to be the same as the ID of previous instances instead of being set to AUTO_SCALED. (CDS-40562)

  • Corrected an issue to ensure counting approval rejected pipeline execution as failed. (CDS-40563)

  • Added a delay on API response. (CDS-40858)

  • The infrastructure tab now shows the correct Help panel and provides information. (CDS-40879)

  • You can now save WinRm Credentials without adding a port; it saves to default NTLM, Kerberos port. (CDS-40955)

  • Additional Safety checks added if someone still reaches on the triggers page in service v2 . (CDS-41133)

  • Fixed stage selection pop-up for pipeline templates. (CDS-41193)

  • When stages are in parallel, and imagePath is an expression, tags were not coming up. This issue is fixed. (CDS-41612)

  • Added a minor text change on the get started with CIE page. (CI-4748)

  • On NG task failures, if descriptions are available for the errors that are generated, the appropriate description is displayed instead of a generic message. It's usually set when there are no eligible delegates to execute task. (DEL-3933)

  • INSTALL_CLIENT_TOOLS_IN_BACKGROUND environment variable was preventing from client tools to be detected when their download is disabled. This is now fixed. (DEL-4246)

  • Fixed an issue with the upgrader not running because of missing permissions. Also corrected an issue that caused the upgrader to fetch latest mutable delegate version when ran, this latest mutable version replaced immutable delegate running installed using Helm. No changes should be required on the user side since the Helm Delegate was not yet released. (DEL-4472)

  • Any Feature Flag saved within a pipeline step should now be selected and available in the list of available flags, including if the flag is not located in the first 15 flags retrieved from the server. (FFM-3716)

  • Fixed a line-break issue. Long nonbreaking strings will now break onto a new line instead of overflowing in the flag variation value. (FFM-4010)

  • Fixed an issue that caused the display of a no-environment tool tip. (FFM-4094)

  • The user should no longer be able to name and/or describe a ff stage when creating a template. This should only happen when they create a pipeline stage using the template. (FFM-4098)

  • The timeout field did not fill with a default value when it is left empty when a fixed value is not set during design time. (PIE-3687)

  • Updated tabs retention condition based on user selected tab information stored in query params (PIE-3977)

  • Padding of the listed sections was nested one level under the root which should not have been the case. The padding has now been updated. (PIE-4588)

  • Environment templates did not read the right values in the run pipeline form / input set views. (PIE-4596)

  • Fixed issue with Gitlab connectors not being able to be used within the yaml as they had a casing issue. Gitlab changed to GitLab. (PIE-4618, ZD-32734)

*Unsaved changes warning will not appear after this change. Save button will not be enabled if no changes are made to ShellScript step fields. (PIE-4623)

  • Formik values is wrapped with pipeline key for Tags api call. (PIE-4631)

  • Removed the even propagation stop and updated the dimensions function (PIE-4644)

  • Fixed polling on execution of the list view. (PIE-4751)

  • Fixed a typographic error. Changed the first letter of the error message to be capitalized. (PL-21354)

  • Layout component was implemented incorrectly. Fixed by updating the height calculation.Now the pages will take their min-height from the larger of two values: the height of the nav and the height of the screen. (PL-24388)

  • Added error handling with more verbose statements when any CRUD operation fails in AWS secret manager. (PL-24942)

  • Bug was arising since the latest status was not being considered by the component and showing default red status (PL-25666)

  • Sometimes user was redirected back to login page after a successful login. This used to happen when the user got logged out due to an expired token.This issue is fixed now, and login should work in one go, no matter how you got logged out. (PL-26302)

  • The additional field "K8s Auth endpoint" was coming in all types of vault and this issue is resolved in this ticket .The problem was we added this field and set the default value as a constant. When we were mapping the Vault object to DTO, we missed an if condition to specify that this field should appear only in case of k8s auth.This issue has been resolved. Now we will not see this field in other auth methods of vault. (PL-26600, ZD-32625)

  • TooltipProp which is present is removed and a new HarnessDocTooltip is passed which makes the Alignment proper. And also the information icon is aligned centre. (PL-26644)

  • The Input set error experience did not show the error response that we received from the BE. We were not sending error prop to the error page. Simply passing that prop resolved the issue. (PL-26686)

  • Repo details is showing in background ,when run pipeline using inputset selection (PL-26706)

  • We were not sending the namespace as header when we are trying to login using the k8s Auth. Added this field in as a header when calling vault. (PL-26919, ZD-32763)

  • Corrected code to ensure that a green container registry connector remained green when selected in the pipeline. (PL-26951)

  • Fixed Vault connector creation at the organization level when no account level delegate are present. (PL-27140, ZD-32981)

  • For existing Vault Sm's, the field useK8sAuth will not be present. Issue occurred here when we are using this field directly rather than using a getter function to handle that null check. Modified the use case and used the getter function there. Also added a UT to handle this case when this field is having null. (PL-27259)

  • The sequence in which services are deleted when project is deleted was incorrect.Now while deleting the project we can see both Monitored service and SLO audits. (SRM-11140)

  • The request body for custom log source was not getting serialised properly due to the treatment of numbers in Gson library which we use. By upgrading the version of the library, we now have support to customise this behaviour. Now we have defined how a number will be deserialised. This issue is now resolved. (SRM-11217)